Small Press Spotlight: Red Cape Publishing

Swords & Spectres

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Welcome to the first post in my ‘Small Press Spotlight’ series where, each post, a different independent publisher will be interviewed. Please spread the word and help our smaller publishers thrive.

Peter talks about what goes into the day to day running of an independent publisher, how Red Cape Publishing goes about finding its authors, the ‘book to audiobook process’ and much more.

I hope everyone enjoys reading about Red Cape as much as I did and that this post might steer you their way next time you have that urge for something creepy. There’s certainly a wide variety on offer, something to please every type of horror reader.

There’s a couple that have caught my eye and I’ll be purchasing a few e-books in the coming days, so look for my reviews on some of these gems in the coming weeks.

Red Cape Publishing 

Let’s hear a little bit…

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Women in Horror Month

I am honoured to be included.

Red Cape Publishing

February is Women in Horror Month and here is a list of some of the best independent and small press horror books from female writers. Covering a range of sub-genres, there is sure to be something here for any horror fan. Take a look through the list, grab a few books, and maybe discover your new favourite author.


The Ivory Tower: A Novelette

The Ivory Tower ebook (1)My name is Cynthia Montgomery and I am a fighter. Since the world fell apart, when the dead began to rise, I have searched for my lost love, Vera Lynn. The undead are everywhere, desperate to feed, but I soon learned that those humans who survived can be just as monstrous. I need to make it to safety, to the Ivory Tower, but will it be the paradise that I am looking for? Buy UK and US

Dirges in the Dark: A Novella

DirgesInTheDarkRCPCOVERWhen actress…

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Share-It Saturday: How To Navigate Calibre

Vampires, Crime and Angels...Eclectic Me

Calibre is a fantastic tool, whether you’re a reader or a writer. For readers, it can let you download those awkward file types that don’t fit with your reading device, without having to miss out on a good book. For authors, it can help you convert your word file into a mobi/pdf or various other files, to read yourself for editing, to format and hand to beta/alpha readers.

There is so much it can do, and this post is *hopefully* going to show you how to utilise it properly.

First, you need to download it – Calibre


Once you have Calibre on your computer, we can get started. Here is the home-interface.

You see that red arrow? That’s what the desktop icon looks like. You’ll see I have it pinned to my taskbar, because it’s just so useful for everything! I use it to convert epubs to mobi, to…

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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Carmilla Voiez author of Black Sun

Cheryllynn Dyess, Author

Author bio: Carmilla Voiez is a proudly bisexual and mildly autistic introvert who finds writing much easier than verbal communication. A life long Goth, she is passionate about horror, the alt scene, intersectional feminism, art, nature and animals. When not writing, she gets paid to hang out in a stately home and entertain tourists.

Carmilla grew up on a varied diet of horror. Her earliest influences as a teenage reader were Graham Masterton, Brian Lumley and Clive Barker mixed with the romance of Hammer Horror and the visceral violence of the first wave of video nasties. Fascinated by the Goth aesthetic and enchanted by threnodies of eighties Goth and post-punk music she evolved into the creature of darkness we find today.

Her books are both extraordinarily personal and universally challenging. As Jef Withonef of Houston Press once said – “You do not read her books, you survive them.”

Carmilla’s bibliography includes…

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Scary Stories

Dance of the Butterfly

I have always been fascinated by scary tales, as I suspect are a vast majority of all of you. There seems an allure of the frightening, the unknown, especially in the controlled context of experiencing it as a form of entertainment. I felt the magic of it, the sense not only of something mysterious but also how such even came to be. But none of it ever actually scared me.

Even as a child, when I would read collections of dark folklore and ghost stories, none would scare me. Most of these were intended for children, but I would have presumed some measure of feeling fright. I’m not trying to say I was some incredibly courageous kid. Typically though, the things that scared me came from my own mind, and those generally at night when all was dark and quiet, and I was trying to get to sleep.

I had…

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Interview with John Kaiine

The Blog Of Immanion Press & Megalithica Books

John Kaiine is an artist, sculptor, poet and story-teller, who’s worked with Immanion Press since 2011, both as an author (through his novel Fossil Circus) and an artist, in providing the sumptuous cover artwork for most of the books by Tanith Lee we’ve published. John and Tanith were married for 25 years, a relationship that ended with her death in 2015. John is currently working on intriguing new material, including the cover art he’s providing for the Tanith story collections we’re publishing this year. We thought it was time we asked him to tell us more about his work and what has and continues to inspire him.

JK Self Portrait 2018Self-Portrait by the artist, April 2019

 IP: It’s clear you’re interested in the peculiar and the macabre, John. What were your early influences in respect of films, TV shows, fiction and music?

JK: I didn’t go looking for the weirdness, it…

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Psychonaut Release Day Blog Buzz – Carmilla Voiez

Unusual Fiction

Today is Release Day for Psychonaut, the second book in Carmilla Voiez’s Starblood series and I’m delighted to be involved in the blog buzz for this special event.

Psychonaut is the second book in Carmilla
Voiez’s Starblood series. It’s a relaunch of the novel by American indie
Vamptasy Publishing. The series contains four books and follows the lives of a
group of friends: Star, Satori, Freya. Donna, Raven and Ivan, who are young
Goths living in Bristol, England.

In the first book, Starblood, Star breaks up with her lover, Satori, but he is unwilling to let her go. Satori is an adept Chaos magician and decides to cast a spell to keep Star by his side, but because of competing forces Lilith, mother of demons, uses this moment to come to Earth and enter their lives. The result is a tangled web of murder, madness and betrayal.

The first…

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