Deadsville, 13 tales of horror, a review

“Deadsville” by Dale Elster and T.D Trask is a collection of short stories all connected by their setting – Rock Creek. The styles reminded me of Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Both writers, Elster and Trask have similar writing styles, which work well together in this collection.

There were a couple of stand out stories. “Head Shot” about a young man trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, and “Still Water” about a haunted river and two teenage boys, both by Dale Elster.

In each story something spooky and unexplained happens and it is this spooky event which is the crux of the story. This works. Masters of horror have often crafted tales this way. Don’t expect character progression though. That isn’t what these stories are about. The setting, Rook Creek, is the main character and all the stories link back to that place.

It’s an enjoyable read and a great introduction to both writers. 5*


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