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The Starblood Trilogy


The Starblood Trilogy – read chapter 1 for FREE –

#horror #gothic #demonology #gothicromance #lgbt

Cruelty, sexual obsession and death.

Starblood (book 1) Be Careful What You Wish For.

When Satori invokes a demon, hell comes to earth.

Sex, Goth subculture and violence mix to create an explosive narrative.

“Carmilla Voiez makes Clive Barker look like Stephanie Meyer.” Jef Withonef (Houston Press)

Psychonaut (book 2) An epic journey within the mind of a magickian that spans worlds.

Psychonaut is a unique mix of horror, BDSM, sex and magic with Kafkaesque surrealism to terrify and inspire.

“A work of genius or insanity.”

“Carmilla Voiez is more of a singer than a writer. She tells her compelling story in a hypnotic, distinctive voice that brings her eerie world vividly to life.” Graham Masterton.

Black Sun (book 3) An intricate web of murder, intrigue and magic allows gods to rain chaos and despair upon all. of human life.

“’Black Sun’ is the perfect conclusion to the Starblood Trilogy. The book is well written, with Gothic atmosphere, and it’s a refreshing look at life, death, family, friendship, and the every changing world around us.”


Summer Sale (US only)

Be Careful What You Wish For.

The Starblood Trilogy available discounted on Kindle Countdown or for free on KindleUnlimited.

18+ Horror.

Sale on only 5th – 12th July 2016. #horror #horrorwriters #horrorfilm #horrorquotes #ihorror #horroraddict #horrorfan #horrorgeek #horrorgram #horrorlover #horrornerd #ilovehorror #instahorror #art #gore #scary #macabre #blood #horrorart #terror #vf #alternative #gothic #goth #bipride #bisexual #lesbianpride #pansexual #lesbian #indiepub #amwriting #cheapreads #kindleunlimited

All 3 books – Starblood, Psychonaut and Black Sun are now available in one volume for Kindle (and paperback). I remember the first time Starblood was released. It was in 2011 and an indie publisher Stone Circle had signed it. It’s travelled about since then. Vamptasy signed it (and the sequels) in 2012 and now I am publishing it myself. I didn’t realise while I was writing it, but the story is in some ways an analogy of how I struggled during the breakdown of my second marriage.  At the same time it is very much a fantasy with demons, dragons and magic. Of all my stories to date I am most proud of this one, and I hope you will love it too.

The Ballerina and the Revolutionary

The Ballerina and the Revolutionary

When I was growing up I always loved books with feisty female characters. More and more I think we realise that we need to have characters who reflect a myriad of different genders (yes I believe there are more than two, get over it), ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, sexualities and abilities, to reflect the world in which we live. We aren’t all white, we aren’t all male, we aren’t all middle class and we aren’t all straight. We are diverse and in my opinion literature should reflect this if it is to touch our souls. I’ve written many kinds of female characters, but I wanted to explore a character who felt neither male nor female and felt trapped in a body that didn’t reflect what they were on the inside.

The Ballerina and the Revolutionary is Crow’s story and Crow is a gender-queer anarchist with mother issues. However, I never wanted to write a story about Crow’s gender. Gender is only one of the facets of who Crow is, just like all of us. We are not our gender, we are so much more. Crow is an amazingly strong, intelligent and loyal person who returns to a family home full of ghosts and violent memories. It is a ghost story. It is a story about dealing with schizophrenia and it is a story about self-acceptance.

Magic-realism with a genderqueer protagonist

Magic-realism with a genderqueer protagonist

Only 99c this month – – A prima-ballerina and her anarchist child bury memories of abuse with fairy tales. Crow returns to make peace, but can anyone survive the shadows that lurk behind these fairy tales? A book of magic and social diversity that will send your mind reeling before it begs for more. #YA/#NA #LGBTQIA fiction.

The Ballerina and the Revolutionary

The Ballerina and the Revolutionary

THE BALLERINA AND THE REVOLUTIONARY BY MILLA V. RELEASE DATE 1st APRIL – Vivienne realises she is dying. All she wants to do is see her daughter Giselle one last time and apologise. But Giselle no longer exists and it is Crow, a gender-queer anarchist, who returns to a family home that is plagued by ghosts and violent memories. Crow unravels terrifying secrets, hoping to find closure at last. But can anyone survive the shadows that lurk behind the fairy tales?