Greener Pastures – Michael Wehunt review

Horror Novel Reviews

The mixed feelings I have on this book do not necessarily carry negative connotations; however, I will admit I have a love/hate relationship with it, which I’ll explain further. Really, if there were a negative thing to say about Greener Pastures it would be that it’s not the type of book you grab when you’re tired or feeling “brain lazy”…that is, it’s not a dumb read–or an easy read I should say. An easy read being Dean Koontz or James Patterson. This isn’t anything like that.

Wehunt’s prose is polished and beautifully poetic, but quite honestly I was going to give it four stars only because when I read short stories (with the exception of Poe and Lovecraft) I kind of like to shut my brain down for a bit; however, a four-star review would be robbing all the hard work that Wehunt has clearly put into each piece in…

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