Let Us All Meet Author CARMILLA VOIEZ!!!!

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Carmilla Voiez writes feel-good, sex-positive erotica for women. Her short stories reflect the beauty and life-confirming aspects of female sexuality. So far four of these have been published as short stories, available for Kindle only, by Hot Ink Press. There is also an anthology of erotic horror by Carmilla and other writers from around the world.
A Christmas Carole – F/F fun loving erotic holiday romp.
Silk – M/F bitter-sweet erotic romance based on the Scottish selkie myth, with bonus short story Jack and the Beanstalk, a tongue in cheek (and other orifices) erotic retelling of the fairy tale.
Pantheon – A Christmas party leads of a Bacchian style celebration of Saturnalia for Will when he finds himself at the centre of an orgy. Includes a second Saturnalia inspired erotic short story by Nicolajayne Taylor.


You can visit her website at – http://carmillavoiez.wix.com/carmillavoiez#!erotica/ccmu

or her Facebook page…

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