Hope In An Era of Depression – There’s Billions of Us, We Cannot Lose

Glen Hunter


My earliest memories of politics in the UK are those of people being deeply depressed, downtrodden and angry. The attitudes always seemed to have been along the line of ‘ what difference can I make? ‘ , ‘ What can you do about it anyway ?’ etc  The statements always revolve around powerlessness , a sense of being small and unimportant . Given that we, the poor, outnumber the richest by incredible numbers, I wonder how we got to this place of desperation ?

The information age solidified all our worst fears, in many ways it was the public opening of Pandora’s box. We now knew for a fact we were being lied to , manipulated and controlled. The advent of calling the rich ‘the elite’ helped to deepen their claws into the public imaginations as untouchable monsters. Justice never reaches into their ranks, and why would it, they are…

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