My Grandfather’s Story – Captured Whilst Fighting During World War 2 ( In his own words )

Glen Hunter

After our capture we were marched through France and Belgium. We were then put on railway trucks and taken to Trieste, just outside Germany. After two days there we had to sleep in the field as there was no other accommodation. We were again loaded into trucks and taken to (Thorn) in Poland. There were two camps, Fort 13 and Fort 12. I was in the smaller, Fort 12. The rations were so poor about 700 men died between both camps within the first 6 months and we were so run down we were covered in lice. About this time I volunteered for a working party, here the rations improved a little. After a few months we were taken back to Fort 13. By then the Red Cross was getting through and this improved things a lot. After another two working camps, one at Wyppyr (?) and one at Cracow…

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