Feminist Homework #NotInMyName


What a Witch

If you are an ally, doing the work of an ally then thank you. Now step aside. I’m not talking to you.

Dear White Women,

Remember the last time we talked? When I took you by the hand and led you gently and sweetly through the many reasons that you should care about the lives of Black people? Remember how I pointed out that the abuse that a majority of you have survived is analogous to the abuse that America heaps upon its citizens with dark skin?

The hand holding is over now.

Get your shit together.

Nine people are dead.

Five of them were women.

He killed them in your name.

The racists in this country think you are so weak, and so pathetic, and frankly not entirely adult, human people who can think and act for themselves that they kill us in your name. In their eyes…

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