3 Days to wait! Starblood graphic novel out May 29.


Scotland ‪#‎horror‬ author Carmilla Voiez and Belarus ‪#‎artist‬ Anna Dmitrieva met on a Deviant Art and created an eye popping horror ‪#‎graphicnovel‬.

The graphic novel is based on Carmilla Voiez’s debut novel Starblood (http://smarturl.it/Starblood). Starblood and Carmilla Voiez have won three awards since 2013 – Horror Fan’s Asylum Horror Author of the Year 2013, Fearventure Author of the Year 2014 and The Three Bookateers’ Horror Release of 2014, for the Starblood Trilogy.

Together they have created something uniquely terrifying, Starblood the graphic novel, which will be released on May 29th 2015. http://smarturl.it/Starbloodgraphic

#18+ #horror ‪#‎erotica‬ ‪#‎lgbt‬
These women really put the “graphic” into graphic novel.Starblood horror graphic novel


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