How to run a multi-author event on FB (aka don’t do it!)

  1. Think it’ll be fun
  2. Search around for lots of authors who are mainly new to you
  3. Set up a group so you can keep in touch with authors before the event and communicate a few rules of conduct
  4. Make some amazingly close and supportive relationships with said authors that will make everything worth while.
  5. Check that everyone is happy with their slot (about 2 weeks in advance)
  6. Chase half of the authors, who didn’t respond to #5
  7. Chase 10% of authors, who still haven’t responded
  8. Give ultimatum to 5% of authors who still don’t respond
  9. Find new authors to plug the gaps
  10. Collect money from authors for a grand prize
  11. Collect posters from authors to advertise their spots
  12. Ensure everyone knows what time zone the event is happening in
  13. Realise that #12 is bound to fail and lose a few spots to time zone confusion
  14. Offer a prize to the person who invites the most guests
  15. Realise that most guests won’t credit the person who invited them
  16. Bite your tongue and allocate the prize as best you can with the information you have
  17. Set up FB adverts and Thunderclap promo drive
  18. Wonder how many people came to the event as a result of the promotion
  19. Decide you can never know and let it go
  20. Expect to just be around to introduce authors and run your own spots
  21. Realise #20 was very naïve thinking
  22. Eat meals in 10 minutes and let the family run itself during the event. Work off adrenaline and sleep very little
  23. Upset a few people who keep getting notifications of your posts and comments on the event
  24. Get reported for spamming and try to run the last couple of days while unable to comment on any posts or engage in conversation on any level above clicking like
  25. Decide that you are quite insane for planning and running such a huge event by yourself
  26. Promise never to do it again
  27. Start planning next year’s event.
  28. Realise that madness is under-rated

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