GamerGate – In The Key Of Tetris and Mario

Glen Hunter

I am a man who cannot give a damn

about womens rights

when it comes to games

Treat them like shit

Threaten them where they sit

Hiding behind various account names

Sometimes it seems

that to discuss is fine

But with every new line

I see it’s not

Threats of assault

claiming it’s not their fault

I can only hope

4chan will rot

Can we have civil debates please ?

Without misogyny, sexism or sleaze?


I am the man

likes to drive round the block

Killing prostitutes I bought in GTA

Drive em real far ,kick em out of the car

Beat em down to the ground, that’s how I play

I’m in the group

plays the same old damn loop

Won’t nobody think of them poor menz

Threatening assault

saying it’s not they’re fault

Using fake accounts to increase their trends

notyourshield we’ll hide behind

Epic fail of the dumbest kind

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