Book Review: Magick Weaved On A Samhain Eve by VJ Chisholm

Whim Notes

Title: Magick Weaved On A Samhain Eve
Author: VJ Chisholm
Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing
Reviewer: Jennifer Andrew


Alexia was feeling awkward about having to tell the rest of the women in her coven how inactive she was in the intimacy dept. and she was hoping things would change soon. She was a picky woman but why shouldn’t she be? The last thing Alexia wanted was to be someone’s play toy. She had a gift of turning men on and leaving them craving her touch but couldn’t she have a meaningful and flirtatious relationship with a man who meant more to her than a frivolous sexual affair?

The story plays out like one of those fun housewives reality shows where women are sitting around either trying to help solve your problem or blaming you for causing the problem in the first place. It’s a delight to see the coven treat each other…

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