Author Interview with Enjay Taylor

Author Nicole L Daffurn

It’s that time again, another author interview. I love getting to know more about the authors that I adore, and I’m so happy that Enjay Taylor – Also known as Nicolajayne Taylor, agreed to participate in this author interview for me.
Enjay is one of the wonderful authors over at Crushing Hearts Black Butterfly Publishing, and published under the Hot Ink brand.

So let’s find out a little bit more about Enjay, her life, loves, and what’s next.

My name is Nicolajayne Taylor. Friends call me Enjay as a nickname from being a teen. I was born in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire in 1981 and grew up on the Merseyside coast in Southport. I later moved to Blackburn when my mother became ill and needed a carer, this was also when I turned my hand back to writing. It has always been a favourite hobby of mine. When my…

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