An excerpt from The Starblood Trilogy by Carmilla Voiez

What do you need me to do?’ Freya asks.

I need someone to guide me through the planes. I thought Ivan would help me, but I think you probably know more about it than he does,’ Satori answers.

I doubt it.’

You’ve been up there though.’

Freya nods. ‘Yes.’

Satori blushes. ‘It was my first trip today. That’s where I was when you rang the doorbell. I’ve found where to start. But I have no clue where to go from here.’

What’s it like?’ she asks.


Your sacred space, at least that’s what Ivan calls it. What’s yours like?’

Oh, um…’

Haha, you’re embarrassed. What, does it have some huge tower like you’re compensating for something…oh shit, it does doesn’t it?’

Satori shuffles in his seat. ‘No. What have you got in yours then?’

A tree,’ Freya says.


Just a tree.’

What kind of tree?’ Satori asks.

A weeping willow,’ she answers.

How Gothic.’

Indeed, tower boy.’

I…okay yes I have a tower.’ He laughs. ‘But I’m not compensating. I like…towers. So your willow tree…’


Is it as beautiful as your hair?’

What the fuck, Satori? Where did that come from?’

Sorry. I’m just saying…’

And I’m just saying, forget it. There’s no way that’s ever gonna happen. The people you seduce have a habit of ending up dead.’

Satori looks away. His mouth moves as if he’s about to speak, but thinks better of it.

Freya watches the colour rise in his cheeks and feels embarrassed for him, embarrassed and awkward because she rejected him. Maybe he was simply being friendly, paying me a compliment? Did I misunderstand? Something clicks inside her and the awkwardness grows into nervousness, which morphs into anger. Why would he say that? Is sex all he wants from women? Perhaps he looks at me and all he can see is a pretty thing for him to pet? Am I not his equal? Of course I am. What then? Confused, she shakes her head and decides to change the subject. ‘So are we going to try to find your way tonight?’

Have you got somewhere else to be?’ he asks.

No, I’m good.’

All right then,’ Satori says, refilling the glasses. ‘But I haven’t left my…tower yet. Where should we meet?’

I haven’t left my Gothic tree. Shall we follow our paths and think of each other? Maybe our feet will lead us there.’

It’s a better plan than any I’ve come up with,’ Satori says.


Mum will be home soon. Is…my bedroom okay?’

Well, I don’t actually need to be here, do I?’ Freya asks.

I thought it might help,’ he says.

It probably won’t. Not with the mood you’re in tonight,’ she answers.

Satori sighs. ‘I guess so. Ten o’clock then. That gives you an hour to get home and get ready. Will Ivan pick you up or shall I walk you home?’

How many fucking times? I don’t need your protection.’


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