Horror stories

Horror stories

Horror stories take us away from reality in similar ways to other fiction including romance. Ideas are simplified. There are good people and bad people. Ideas are pure and linear.
Our own world is full of horror and confusion. Corporations squeeze countries dry as surely as the old Imperialist invaders. People die and we don’t understand why. Cancer rates rise, depression becomes normal and we look around ourselves desperate to step away from our own reality.
Horror fiction provides the shadows lurking in the corners and gives them monstrous faces. Faces we can recognise and stories we can understand. Themes develop, women are victims or seductresses and men are the aggressors. Horror reflects society enough to feel real but not so closely that we see our own part in the terror and oppression. The atrocities are committed by an evil other over whom we have no control or influence.
In a new wave of horror, Carmilla Voiez’s trilogy Starblood attempts to invert these ideas and stereotypes. The victims are, for the most part, male and the aggressors, sexually and violently, female. The good-girls, our heroines, become twisted by their experiences and repression and explode into violence. The demon, invoked in error, is only a catalyst for these changes. The violence and frustration is inside these meek women from the start, waiting for release.
A fan of Carmilla’s books has coined the term “Feminazi Splatter Goth”, to describe the new genre of literature. It’s a tongue-in-cheek play on the word brought to prominence by misogynistic radio celebrity Rush Limbaugh. It reflects a new fear in society of the rise of female power and how that might alter the status quo beyond recognition.
The Starblood Trilogy has been critically acclaimed and covers brand new ground. They are hard-hitting, mixing urban realism with magick and demons, violence with sex.
Now this mix of politics and horror is focused on a world of vampires and serial killers in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Basement Beauty comes out on Friday 13th June.
Check out Voiez’s ground-breaking horror for yourself if you dare.


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