Pantomime and the Bisexual Book Award: My Acceptance Speech

Laura Lam

Just found out that Pantomime won the Bisexual Book Award for the Speculative Fiction category. The book has been lucky enough to be shortlisted for a few other awards, but this is its first win. It feels wonderful, especially for this award. Below is a transcript of the speech I wrote for it. Still a bit amazed that it was read aloud!

“It’s quite a strange thing, writing a speech without knowing if you’ve won, but hoping you have. As you’re all hearing this right now, I guess I have! I am amazed and honored to have won the Bisexual Book Award in the Speculative Fiction category. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to say this in person, but as I’m terrified of speaking in front of crowds, it’s probably better it’s read by someone else’s steady voice.

When I first started writing, I kept beginning and abandoning books…

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