Alex Laybourne ‘Diaries of the Damned’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Myra Gabor

The theme here isn’t gore, or even action. It’s how individuals rise or fall to meet extraordinary situations. Will they conquer their fears in order to cope with their new world, will they figure out why their world has changed and will they be able to beat back the zombie hordes or will they have to learn to live with this ever-present danger.

I’m not a huge fan of zombie books, but Alex Laybourne has delivered a good one. The zombies are on the move again. But these are not your typical slow, shambling zombies. Laybourne’s zombies can move and they move with purpose. Not only do they have the typical zombie hunger for living things, but they also continue to feel whatever urges they had at the moment they were turned.

The living are trying to escape on airplanes, destinations unknown. We meet nine of…

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