The Starblood Trilogy

The Starblood Trilogy

A conversation about God, the universe and everything…
‘Have you met God?’ Star asks.
Edensun coughs, trying to dislodge the food that halted in his throat with her sudden words. When the morsel is free to continue its journey towards his stomach he speaks. ‘Which one?’
‘The one who talks to Lilith.’
‘Samael.’ Edensun’s mouth is full of food. Juice runs down his chin.
Star wipes the food from her son’s face, grinning. ‘No, not Samael, the one she calls God.’
Edensun swallows. ‘How could I? He doesn’t exist.’
‘You mean he’s all in Lilith’s mind?’ Star’s voice quivers.
‘Well, no.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘I’ll try to explain, but it’s complicated.’ Edensun shrugs.
Star laughs. ‘I’ve heard that before.’
‘God doesn’t exist in the way you and I exist, or even in the way the sky exists or this lake. Everything that exists originates from him, her, it, but God is nothing. He has no mass, no molecules and no kinetic energy; he is pure thought and those thoughts have the potential to think anything into existence. Everything that exists is God and yet God is nothing. Everything is one. Everything is nothing.’
‘I don’t understand.’
‘Neither do I. If we understand, when we understand, we too will cease to exist and become one with the source again.’
‘So even Lilith doesn’t understand?’
‘She accepts. That’s the best she can offer. If you want to understand, the first step is to know that everything is one. It might take you several lifetimes to reach that point. From there you can start to understand that one equals none.’ Edensun laughs. ‘Your eyes are glazed. I’ve lost you. Here, brain food.’ He passes her a mango.
‘All is nothing. It sounds like a nihilist mantra.’
‘It isn’t.’


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