Book reviews

I thought it time I posted some book reviews on my blog. I’ll group the short ones together here and put the longer ones in separate blog posts –

I’ve been reading quite a few graphic novels recently as one of my next projects is to write a graphic novel script for Starblood. I am amazed at how the graphic novels vary so widely in quality from absolutely amazing like The Yattering and Jack by Clive Barker and The Crow by James O’Barr to very disappointing like The Body Thief by Anne Rice. Anyway the first few reviews are for these recent reads.

The Crow, James O’Barr – 5* – A masterpiece of the graphic novel genre. It’s a poignant and beautiful maelstrom of pain and frustration. Breathtaking!

The Yattering and Jack, Clive Barker – 5* – This was an amazing graphic novel with the artwork and text working beautifully together to make a cohesive and entertaining whole.

The Tale of the Body Thief, Anne Rice – 2* – I love Anne Rice’s novels but this graphic novel left me flat. I didn’t think the artwork reflected how I would have expected the vampires to appear and the graphics didn’t depict anything that would add layers to the story as per other graphic novels I have read. The story seemed too bare to stand alone and in all it was a disappointing read. 1 for effort plus 1 for the numerous naked male bodies.

Arkham Asylum – Grant Morrison – 4.5* – the version I read also had the original script for the graphic novel. I’d rate the script 5* and think it’s a shame that DC didn’t go with some of Morrison’s artistic direction. Even so the story and graphics were chilling and atmospheric.


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