Featured Author – Carmilla Voiez

An interview with Carmilla Voiez for “All That’s Written”

All That's Written ...

1505565_505694392877894_1578029324_n Today Carmilla Voiez features on the blog. She was kind enough to not only answer a few questions but also shares snippets of her work.

Hi Carmilla, thanks for taking the time to sit down and let me grill you. I’d like to start with a few personal ones, if you don’t mind?

Living in Scotland it must make you long for sunshine and warm beaches, or at least I assume it does. What is your favourite holiday destination?

I am not a sun lover. I tend to prefer holidays that revolve around art, music and culture. I love Brugge and Paris and even York as a holiday destination. I think I yearn for the buzz of city life more than warm beaches.

What was the first book you took out of the library when you were young?

I am not sure whether it was the first, but I remember taking…

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